Certified Organic Golden Flax and Amaranth Seed

     Thank you for visiting our site.  Here you will find information about certified organic golden flax, brown flax, amaranth, and other certified organic specialty crops.  Our offers include both whole and milled products.  Learn about our unique methods of raising flax that increase palatability and quality.  We also provide secure online ordering of all of our products with worldwide delivery right to your door.

     Why you should eat Omega Gold flax seed.....

     Because of our unique methods of raising flax we can offer you the highest quality Golden Omega flax seed on the market today.  All of our flax is cleaned to food grade and then cleaned once more making it 99.99% pure.  Omega Gold flax seeds possess the natural properties of fiber, lignans, and Omega-3 fatty acids that provide restorative and preventative powers to ones diet.  These three properties of flax seeds are the basis of the myriad of research taking place today on the many benefits of flax seed.  This research has proven that this ancient small seed should be an essential addition to everyone's diet.  As one begins to understand the role of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids plus the lignans and fiber present in these humble seed you will be able to assess the need of flax seed in your own diet.