In January, 1998, we made the decision, NO MORE CHEMICALS OR COMMERCIAL
FERTILIZERS on our farm. Although our yields were satisfactory, the increasing use of pesticides
and commercial fertilizers was beginning to take its toll. No longer was the soil loose and mellow, it
didn’t even smell as “good soil” should. After 6 years of organic inputs the soil is once again alive and
healthy. In 2001 as our farm began coming under organic compliance we started focusing our efforts on
producing a more palatable flax. We had always felt that by giving the flax more room in the row we
should be able to improve the palatability. Our reasoning at that time was, and, still is, by increasing
row width we can increase sunlight available to each plant, thus, stimulating growth and producing a
healthier flax plant. It also appears that increased air flow throughout the field is much more important
than had previously been believed. After much “tinkering” with row spacings we have finally settled on
21” rows. We have tested this concept for 3 crop years, and, while there are no official criteria in
place for testing palatability, our tests with intolerant individuals have shown we have accomplished what
we set out to do. One hundred percent of our flax production is now planted in 21” rows and we
are continuing our tests with other grains as well.

We started the paperwork to bring SCHOCK FARMS into compliance as a processer handler of
organic commodities in July of 2003 and in December of 2003 were granted certification by

As you travel through our website you will notice the lack of friviolity. No flashing lights, no banner
ads, and certainly no irritating music. We still believe in the simple, uncomplicated life of small
town North Dakota. Our production is organic because we want to know what is in our food.
We surround ourselves with friends who believe as we do about the soil and what we all must do
to leave this earth a better place for our children.

Anyone wishing to visit our operation, give us a little notice and we will be more than happy
to show you around.

Thanks for visiting our site.

Tracy & Ursula Schock

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