There has been much controversy in recent years about the health benefits of Omega Gold Flaxseed
versus Brown Flaxseed. Recent tests conducted by the Canadian Grain Commission and the
Canadian Flax Council have proven that the health benefits derived from Brown Flaxseed are
virtually the same as those derived from Golden Flaxseed, provided both samples are of equal
quality. A healthy flax plant grown in rich soil producing full, plump kernels will be the determining
factor in health benefits whether it be Gold or Brown. However, many people prefer the nut-like
flavor of Gold Flaxseed.


Not all flaxseed contains Omega 3. Linola and Solin are two new strains of Flaxseed that have
been genetically altered to reduce dramatically or eliminate the omega 3 content.

Schock Farms will never compromise the quality of the products we sell to you, our valued customers.
Genetically altered or modified products will never be grown on any of our crop acres. This is just
not an option, and will never be considered as such.


All Schock Farms Flax is certified organic, grown north of the 46th parrallel. The cooler growing
conditions and longer hours of sunlight contribute to a higher oil content and a higher omega 3 level of the oil.

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