1... Flax provides benefits for Human Health and Nutrition.
2... Flax has shown protection against Tumor Formations and Cancer.
3... Flax has shown to help lower Blood Pressure.
4... Flax contributes to lower Blood Cholesterol levels.
5... Flax improves Lactation in nursing mothers.
6... Flax promotes growth and development of the Human Fetus.
7... Flax helps prevent the formation of Blood Clots.
8... Flax aids in the control of Blood Sugar and Diabetes.
9... Flax aids in clearing up Skin Conditions.
10. Flax has shown benefits in persons with Lupus Disease.
11. Flax relieves Constipation and Diarrhea.
12. Flax lessens the symptoms of Arthritis, Asthma, and Allergies.

In the last ten years a magnitude of scientific studies have been released on Flaxseed and it’s
amazing oil, known as Alpha-Linolenic Acid LNA, or Omega-3. At a recent conference held at
the Flax Institute of the United States, scientists focused attention on Flaxseed and it’s role
in healing and preventing numerous degenerative diseases. Research and clinical experience
demonstrate a plethora of benefits from regular consumption of Flaxseed.

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CANCERS--- For over 35 years, German lipid researcher Johanna Budwig has been using
Flaxseed oil successfully in cancer therapy. She has more than 1000 documented cases of
successful cancer treatment with Flaxseed oil as the main ingredient. More recent research
shows the LNA in Flaxseed kills cancer cells in human tissue without harming healthy cells.
Three cancers, Breast, Prostate and Lung cancer were studied. More recent research suggests
that Lignans may fight off the chemicals responsible for initiating Colon Cancer. According
to Dr. James Duke of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Flaxseed contains 27 identifiable
cancer preventive compounds.

HEART DISEASE---One of the outstanding features of Flaxseed oil is that it contains a
substance that resembles Prostaglandins, the potent hormone like substance that help
regulate bodily processes such as healthy blood flow and the protection of arterial walls,
and play an important role in calcium and energy metabolism. No other vegetable oil matches
this property of Flaxseed oil. Likewise, LNA and it’s blood regulating properties prevent
spontaneous blood clots caused by an excess of fatty acids derived from refined
polyunsaturated oils. This has implications for preventing strokes if used at an early enough
stage in a remedial lifestyle change involving both exercise and improved diet.

DIABETES---Late onset adult Diabetes is suspected to originate partially from a deficiency
of LNA and an excess of saturated and trans fats in the diet. Although this syndrome can
take as long as 30 years to emerge as a full blown disease, reversal of symptoms can occur
with positive changes in the diet and adequate amounts of LNA from Flaxseed. LNA may
also lower the insulin requirements of diabetics.

INFLAMMATORY TISSUE CONDITIONS---LNA fatty acids decrease inflammatory
conditions of all types. Inflammatory conditions are the diseases that end in “itis” including
Bursitis, Tendonitis, Tonsillitis, Gastritis, Ileitis, Colitis, Meningitis, Arthritis, Phlebitis,
Prostatitis, Nephritis, Splenitis, Hepatitis, Pancreatitis, Otitus, etc, as well as Lupus. Many
of these inflammatory conditions may be eased by use of LNAs.

SKIN CONDITIONS---Pedigree show animals are fed linseed oil, made from flaxseed, to
keep their coats glossy. Along the same lines, recent research has shown that skin conditions
in humans such as Psoriasis and Eczema, have improved dramatically when Flaxseed was
added to the diet. These skin conditions worsen when LNAs are lacking in the diet. You will
notice that your skin gets softer, smoother, and velvety when Flaxseed is included
regularly in the diet.

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION---Dr. Budwig has found Flaxseed to be a natural aphrodisiac.
The most common physical cause of impotency in men and non-orgasmic response in women
is blockage of blood flow in the arteries of the pelvic region. Decreased blood flow prevents
full erection of the penis and/or clitoris. Thus ejaculation and/or orgasm cannot occur. The
solution is to unblock narrowed arteries, and the consumption of Flaxseed will help. Flaxseed
is rapidly gaining the reputation as one of the best aphrodisiacs of the 21St century.

CALMNESS UNDER STRESS---Many people find increased calmness to be the most profound
effect of using fresh ground Flaxseed. It brings on a feeling of calmness, many times within a
few hours of starting a regimen of Flaxseed consumption. This may be partly due to the fact
that under stress LNA fatty acids slow down the overproduction of biochemicals like arachidonic
acid which are produced when we are constantly stressed.

WATER RETENTION---The LNA and LA fatty acids in Flaxseed help the kidneys excrete
sodium and water. Water retention (edema) accompanies swollen ankles, some forms of obesity,
PMS, and all stages of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

VITALITY AND ATHLETIC ABILITY---One of the most notable signs of improved health
from the use of Flaxseed is progressive and increased vitality and energy. Flax increases
metabolic rate and the efficiency of cellular energy production. Flaxseed improves respiratory
and cellular oxidation by which energy is produced which we experience as warmth. For athletes
or anyone wishing to reduce fat and create a fit, lean body, Flaxseed is the answer!
MORE BENEFITS---LNA is necessary for visual function (retinal), adrenal function (stress),
and sperm production. Flaxseed often improves symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. It has been
documented when LNA consumption is high, MS is rare. Flaxseed can also be helpful in Systic
Fibrosis. LNA helps loosen viscous secretions and relieves breathing difficulties. Flaxseed helps
in some cases of sterility and miscarriage, some glandular problems, some behavioral
malfunctions, allergies, addictions, and some deviant behaviors.


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